Churchill/Mt. Carmel Real Estate

    Churchill/Mt. Carmel real estate is located in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Churchill has a population of 6,737. The city was incorporated in 1958 and was originally a trading post and a stop for the stagecoach. At this time it was known as Spencer’s Mill. Churchill was chosen after the Methodist church was established on a hill overlooking this area of the Holston River Valley. The church is still in existence today, located on Grandview Street in Downtown Churchill. Mt. Carmel has an estimated population of 5500. The two towns are part of the Kingsport-Bristol (TN)-Bristol (VA) Metropolitan Statistical Area and a component of the Tri-Cities. Churchill/Mt. Carmel real estate as well as the surrounding areas have a combined population of approximately 30,000 residents and this is considered one of the fastest growing sections of upper East Tennessee.

    The residents of Churchill/ Mt. Carmel real estate are served by the Hawkins County School system. Churchill has 4 schools – Carter’s Valley Elementary, Churchill Elementary, Churchill Middle and Volunteer High School. Mt. Carmel has one school, Mount Carmel Elementary. At one time Mt. Carmel was the only town in the United States that was entirely on one side of the road. It has since expanded.

    Churchill is the largest city in Hawkins County and has a rich history. Many people choose Churchill/Mt. Carmel homes for sale for the low cost of living, the low crime rate and the low tax rate. The location is just 80 miles from Knoxville and there are a variety of lakes in the area for the enjoyment of residents. Cherokee, South Holston, Wautauga and other provide recreation for residents and visitors.

    A historic plantation – the New Canton Plantation – began over two hundred years ago and is enjoyed by residents of Churchill/Mt. Carmel real estate for special events today. There are numerous parks located in Churchill. The A.S. Derrick Park, Jaycees Park, J.W. Sally Park, S.L. Taylor Park and Churchill Skate Park provide various amenities for residents. A Farmer’s Market is open three days a week –  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and provides fresh produce, adding to the flavor of small town living.

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