Jonesborough Real Estate

    Within Washington County, Tennessee, residents of Jonesborough real estate live in the county seat as well as the oldest town in the state. Jonesborough, which used to be spelled ‘Jonesboro’, is a part of the Johnson City Metropolitan Statistical Area. In turn, the metropolitan statistical area is part of the Johnson City/Kingsport/Bristol, TN-VA Combined Statistical Area. This is also known as the Tri-Cities region. The city was founded in 1779; 17 years prior to Tennessee becoming a state. It was originally a part of North Carolina. Though residents of Jonesborough real estate tried to form a state in 1784 called the State of Franklin – after Benjamin Franklin – it was not recognized by Congress and North Carolina reclaimed the city in 1788.

    The town is a major tourist attraction today. This is partly due to the history of the town. A museum within the town contains a history of this area as a tobacco farming town. The Chester Inn, located in downtown Jonesborough, was built in 1797. The Historic District of Jonesborough is on the National Register of Historic Places. A town park contains a cabin where local legend says the ghost of Andrew Jackson often appears. The cabin, originally located about a mile out of town was where Jackson stayed in 1788, while awaiting a caravan.

    The Jonesborough Storytelling Festival is an event held the first full weekend in October. The festival is held by the International Storytelling Center and is focused on the cultural tradition of the Appalachians, storytelling. The festival has been attracting visitors from across the globe for over 35 years. Tents are put up all around the town of Jonesborough and storytellers sit outside the tent or on a stage to tell their stories. This has become so popular that it resulted in the development of a storytelling graduate degree program at East Tennessee State University.
    The festival was started in 1973 by a high school journalism teacher, Jimmy Neil Smith. Today, it is a key festival that is enjoyed by residents of Jonesborough real estate as well as many in the United States and internationally. The three-day festival includes performances by many well-known artists across the country and has been named as the “leading event of its kind” by USA Today. It draws over 10,000 visitors each year from different parts of the world.

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